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What is Puffle?

Shop in the U.S.A. and have packages delivered to your doorstep, painlessly and affordably. 


Most people in America never have to think about running into issues when online shopping, since most e-commerce sites will ship products to and within America.

But what if you don't live in America?

Those of us who grew up in elsewhere in the world, however, know that most of the time, we're simply out of luck. There's no way we can get those retailers to ship us the products we want so badly. Sure, there may be some services that forward packages for you, but those are unreliable, slow and risky. Worse still, they're often a rip-off.

So Puffle was born, to help people like you: to make sure you can buy what you want, wherever you may be. 

  • Most products are cheaper when purchased in America, due to the strong competition and foreign exchange rates. 
  • Most exclusive products are released in America first, since historically, America has provided the strongest demand for new products. People like us only get the same products three to six months later... when it's no longer as desirable. 
  • Most retailers refuse to ship to international addresses, out of fear of the paperwork and risks involved. We deal with this for you through our partnership with various shipping companies. 
  • Most retailers decline accepting international credit card or debit cards, because they fear fraudulent transactions or high chargeback rates. We deal with this for you by purchasing the items on your behalf.

With Puffle, you'll never face these problems again. You can now get the latest items quickly and reliably, without doing much work.

Give us a link to something you want to buy, and we'll handle the purchasing, shipping, customs, storage and just about everything else for you. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Shop as though you're living in America. 




How it all began...

How it all began...

The idea of Puffle was conceived in 2012, when living in Singapore, Puffle's co-founder Michael couldn't get the tablet Google recently released shipped to him. Google is a multi-billion dollar company; they should be able to ship to Singapore! But for one reason or another, they can't (or simply don't want to!).

The feeling of not being able fully take advantage of the online shopping experience (unlike people in America) felt deeply unfair to Michael. There's no reason why people around the world cannot enjoy the same online shopping experience as someone living in America.

With that idea, Puffle was born.

Puffle's core mission is simple: to make sure you can get what you want, no matter where you are. When you use Puffle, we prioritize your happiness above everything else.

Today, Puffle is venture-backed and has a successful record of delivering more than 10,000 orders to customers all over the world, with a 99.8% customer satisfaction rate. 

Try placing an order, completely free and risk-free


Puffle guarantees the best experience. 100% of the time.


How we earn your trust

  1. We have a 100% refund guarantee in the event that something goes wrong with your order. We will do everything we can to rectify the issue, and our friendly customer service team is always on standby to help you.
  2. Our promise to you: we'll never sell your data, charge you more than what is necessary, prioritize our profits over your experience, or offer you a service that isn't 10 times better than the existing options. 
  3. We partner only with the most reliable shipping carriers, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL. We also get bulk shipping discounts, which we pass onto you directly. In the event that your package gets held up in the destination country's customs, we will proactively notify you.

Read more about how we work hard to earn your trust here...

What makes Puffle special?

  1. The most painless process. Never worry about having a U.S. address, a U.S.-based credit/debit card, customs, recurring monthly account fees, minimum charges, etc. We handle that for you, so you can focus on shopping!
  2. 75% cheaper on average than competitors. Puffle hates unnecessary fees and loves discounts. So we'll eliminate all the unnecessary fees that we can (we'll never overcharge you!) while passing on all the discounts we get to you (including for bulk shipping). 
  3. Optimized for speed and reliability. We will always find not only the most reliable, but also the cheapest and fastest shipping option for you. We rely on proprietary internal algorithms to ensure you have the best experience.

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Our warehouses and facilities

We keep our overhead incredibly low so we can pass the savings onto you. Our warehouses and facilities are almost completely automated and 100% secure.

Los Angeles (California) U.S.A. 

555 West 5th. st (35th floor), los angeles, Ca 90013


Our HQ in Downtown Los Angeles


Our HQ operates 24/7; which means that there'll always be someone to help you out wherever and whenever you have any questions or concerns.

fullerton-storage-2 (1).jpg

Our automated and secure warehouses in California


Automation means less risk and higher efficiency, while your packages are guarded by a team of full-time security guards.


71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139951


Our HQ in Singapore


Our HQ in Singapore is sponsored by the Singapore Government, and house our logistics and technical development teams. 


Dedicated hub for shipping to Asia


Future plans for expansion: we're committed to providing the best online shopping experience, wherever you may be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start using Puffle right away? What do I need to prepare beforehand?

We built Puffle to be the easiest way you can get anything you want shipped to you, wherever you may be. All you need to get started is a link to the item you want to buy, and we'll handle everything else! Shop in peace knowing that you'll never have to worry about customs, handling, shipping or anything else. All you need a link to the item you'd like to buy, and we'll handle everything from there. Of course, we'll keep you updated as your package makes its way to your front door.

Can I use Puffle in my country?

Yes, most likely! Puffle ships to every country in the world other than Iran, Russia, North Korea and Sudan. To get an estimate of how much it'll cost to ship the item you want to the country you're in, feel free to use our estimator tool (with no-risk!). Feel free to contact our customer service if you've got any more questions -- we're always on standby to answer any question you may have! 

How does Puffle work in detail?

  1. You find something you'd like to buy online, and you give us the link. 
  2. We'll tell you upfront how much it'll cost, and you can complete the purchase right there and then!
  3. Sit back and relax. We'll handle everything from here, including purchasing (so you don't need a U.S. credit/debit card), shipping, handling, customs, etc. until your item arrives! 

It really is that easy!

How much is it going to cost?

The easiest way to find out how much your item is going to cost is to use our estimator tool (which you can use for free, without having to give us your credit card information). Rest assured though: our customer-first policy means that we always estimate the price of the item conservatively, and we will reach you directly to you if the actual price is outside of the estimated price (before charging you for anything!). 

Can I reduce my shipping cost by consolidating multiple items?


    Yes! We provide this service to you completely free of charge, no matter how many items you've ordered. If you decide consolidate your packages, one of our trusted staff will open your package (but not touch or remove any plastic covers/protectors) and repackage your items more efficiently, while still maintaining a sufficient buffer in case something happens during transit. You don't even need to have multiple items to request this free consolidation service; we are more than happy to repackage a single item more efficiently to save you money too! To request this, simply contact customer support and we'll help you out immediately. 

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