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Need supplies for your office or company from the U.S. but can't get it shipped to you easily?

Companies around the world trust Puffle Business to deliver what they need, where and when they need it. 


Why use Puffle?

  1. Puffle is trusted by consumers and companies worldwide. We've worked with dozens of established Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups.

  2.  The price you get from Puffle will always be the lowest price. Guaranteed. We prioritize your satisfaction over our profits.

  3. Your company will receive our attention and care, up till your shipment reaches your door.


How does it work?

  1. Schedule an introductory call with Puffle. we want to understand you and your company so we can offer the best service.

  2. Submit an order form to us via email when you're ready, and pay using a secure Paypal Link.

  3. Sit back and relax! We'll deal with all the hassles of international shipping (customs, Insurance, etc.) for you until the item reaches your door.


Puffle Business is trusted by brands such as... 



We help turn hundreds viral campaigns in America into an international sensation across 100+ countries. Companies earn 7 times more revenues, with no additional effort.


Arnold Sports Festival

We help a regional festival go global, and 80,000 people now have access to the best Arnold Schwarzenegger approved sports/health products.

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Hawke Media

We worked with a leading marketing agency to help their 50+ e-commerce clients unlock the world and scale their profits, without scaling their operations. 


We're ready for you.